Apex Resources Group incorporates Apex Construction, Apex Healthcare and Apex Commercial, these companies form an exciting and innovative recruitment Company, which sets itself apart from its competitors in terms of operation and outlook.

Established in April 2004, Apex Resources has experienced outstanding success and remarkable growth rates year on year and in its 9th year of trading now has an impressive multi million pound turnover. We attribute this to having the right people in the right places and a wealth of knowledge within our management team. Now, seven years later, as a result of the hard work and dedication of its team, we are looking to open several more branches throughout the UK.

If you currently work in recruitment you have probably spent 40-50 hours a week looking after the careers of others...isn't it time you spent a little while looking after your own?

Apex Resources spend a lot of time looking for like minded "Apex" people to join our expanding team, what makes an "Apex" person?, "Apex" people in one word are exceptional. We source high calibre candidates, who are driven, commercially aware, great relationship builders and who have a drive and passion to be a key member of our team.

Apex don't recruit specific experience, skills or backgrounds, we recruit individuals. We have a diverse team with a wealth of different skills and backgrounds, but all have the same outlook, drive and determination to be the no 1 agency in our sector’s. Apex people are the people who want to build a long term career in a forward thinking company and are excited by the constant changes and growth within the company.

We currently are looking to source start up managers around the UK to open new branches, our ethos is to open the branches around the right people as opposed to opening a branch and filling it with "bum’s on seats"!

Working in recruitment is like marmite , you either love it or hate it , if you love it keep reading what we have to offer may excite you even more. Do you feel like your working in an agency where your reporting line got there position’s because times where good and promotions handing out like smarties!!! If the answer is yes your not alone, may people feel that as time’s have got harder, the support has also changed and as a branch manager the buck stop’s with you, at Apex our directors have a very different approach. The directors have come from a consultants background so very much lead by example from taking consultants on site visits to developing and supporting Branch Managers. The reporting line is simple as a branch manager you report directly to them, this mean’s when you need help and advice it’s quick and changes can be made rapidly.

Are you sitting in your current position thinking, you could run your own company better and frustrasted by not been given the autonomy to make changes that will help you to improve your branch and team. Have you considered opening your own company , but then got dishartened when you realised its not that easy and could eat away at all your precious savings !, if you have your what we are looking for. Apex are looking for director style managers, who will view there branch as there bussiness and want to take ownership for all aspects of there branch, in return will be offered an outstanding finanacial package, for them and there team and on top of that your loylity and commitment will be rewarded with an equity reward scheme, so you will reap what you sow in more ways than one. The directors are aware of the support of knowledge that’s required to make the new branches a success and wish they had of been presented with a similar opportunity when opening Apex as it would have enabled them to have expanded the businness much quicker.

Please contact me in the upmost confidence, please be assured that your confidence will not be broken as we understand that a lot of people have had there fingers burnt by other agencies not respecting there privacy and that at this point you may only be testing the water for an informal chat. Please feel free to call me out of hours.

To find out more information please call Herold on 07838 104946 or e-mail or in writing at Apex Resources Limited, Apex House, 1 Bridle Path, Watford, Hertfordshire WD17 1UE

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