Corporate & Social Responsibility

Staff’s Welfare and Development

We ensure that all of our workers are treated fairly and are not discriminated against. Apex Resources regularly check on the welfare of the operatives to ensure that their working environment is safe. We have an equal opportunity policy and we are strictly against any form of discrimination.

We employ people from all different backgrounds this is in accordance with the UK Border Agency’s code of practice.

At Apex Resources we recognise that our staff are the key to our success; thus we promote the development of our staff by providing extra training and support. We encourage our staff’s career growth.

Our line of work is very fast paced in an ever changing environment,  we promote and endorse powerful teamwork, creativity and the independence and the freedom to express ideas to create solutions.

Apex Resources Limited: Ethical Responsibilities

Apex Resources Limited considers ethical issues possible, we believe that we have a social and moral responsibility to do so. As part of our ethical standards we employ measures that help us improve this; we recycle paper and print only when it is necessary. We've also been approved by Green Achiever, CHAS and Envirowise.

We do not tolerate fraud or illegal employment or other such activities. Our dealings with clients, partners and operatives are carried out in an honest and transparent manner whilst providing a service of the highest standard possible.

Apex Resources are signed up to the Data Protection Act and as part of our commitment to this you can be assured that all information will be kept confidential.